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Business owners – do you or your employees ever take a holiday?

July 20th, 2009

Many business owners believe that their staff are incapable of running the business even though they have worked in the company for 14 years.  If you do not trust your staff, you have the wrong staff.  It is important to get away on holidays on a regular basis.  There have been no blog postings for a while because I took a holiday.  It is important to change your environment so that you are more productive at work.  If you never take time off, you may not be happy in your work, you always complain.  I have a client who took a holiday 5 years ago and then 20 years ago, nothing in between.  He always talks about the holiday 20 years ago as it if was yesterday but refuses to take even a weekend off. 


You should also ensure that your staff also take time off – why – for two reasons.  It allows them to rejuvenate and improve their work performance.  It also allows you to see if they are covering up any problems in the business. I know a business who was closing down a division of the company.  Just prior to closing the division an employee took their vacation.  When they were gone, the bank statement came in and they found that their were two additional cheques written to the employee during the month.  Upon further investigation, they discovered that they were being defrauded over a 14 month period by that employee and lost $250,000.  There was an elaborate cover up and it was not easy to discover but the fraud would not have been discovered if the employee did not take holidays.  I have been told time and time again that many employee frauds are discovered when the employees go on holidays. 


In summary, holidays are good for the owner of the business and imperative for the staff to take holidays to see if there is any improprieties occurring in the business without your knowledge.

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