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Confidential messaging system on The Business Place website

December 18th, 2008

Many people are listing their businesses on website and hiding their identity.  There are two reasons for them not to reveal their identity 1)confidentiality and 2) if you publish your email address, spammers may put you on their mailing list.  A vendor does not want to reveal the name of his business so that his competitors will not use that to their marketing advantage.  They are placing a listing on the website to entice you to respond.  If I receive a phone call, I can usually tell within 1 minute if the person that I am talking to is fishing or a sincere person looking for additional information.  Many of the calls that are placed are for people who are nosy and want to find out about a company, possibly a competitor, but have no intention on going further.  If you use our instant messaging system and say send me your financial statements, the vendor does not know who you are.  Why would they send details of their financial position to a competitor?  They do not know if you are a competitor or not. They do not know if you are serious or not.  The purpose of remaining anonymous is to restrict the number of people knowing that you are for sale. The vendor is keeping his identity confidential for a reason.  An investor may also initially want to keep his name confidential but if he/she does not reveal anything about themselves, no name, no background, nothing, would you provide details of your net worth to person who you know nothing about.  I doubt it yet people are continuing to assume that sellers of businesses are naive and will respond to you. Many of the vendors do not look at these emails as a serious enquiry and do not respond to the potential buyer.  If you are a serious buyer, you may have lost a great investment opportunity.  If they seller will not communicate with the buyer, then the buyer will never find out how good the business opportunity is. 


Put yourself in the recipient’s position, would you respond to the email which says send me information without revealing who you are?  If you want the seller to respond, provide some indication of who you are, what is your background, make the person feel that you are making a serious enquiry, if not, many of your emails will be ignored by buyers.


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