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How do you search for a business for sale?

October 13th, 2009

Just started to look to buy a business and are getting frustrated?  Join the thousands of people before you who started off very eager to find a business and realized that it is not that easy to find a business.   Someone called me the other day and said find me a business, no other parameters.  They had no idea what they wanted and they assumed that I could tell them what they should within 2 minutes.  


If you do not know what you want, start to look at the things that you do not want, that helps reduce the list of potential businesses.  Are you a marketing person, sales person, administration, what are your strengths?   If you do not have any, then maybe looking to buy a franchise may be an option.


If you do have one of those strengths, then you must decide on the type of business, do you want a distributor, a manufacturer, a retail store?  Do you like a certain industry for example lighting and then you look to see what type of business is available whether it be retail, wholesale or manufacturing.


Just because you like a certain type of business it does not mean that a business that interests you is for sale.   Do you wait until a business in that field becomes available or do you keep on looking?  It could be years, if at all, before a particular business becomes available to buy.   Often, you do not even realize how many different businesses exist.  For example, if you look at a sign hanging from the ceiling in a retail store, did you realize that 4 to 5 companies were involved in the sign, the advertising company who created the ad campaign, the printing company who created the sign, the point of sale company who sold the gadgets to suspend that sign from a fixture or ceiling to the installer.    If you said you wanted to be in signs, did you realize that you had many options?


There are many businesses listed on The Business Place website.  Look at all the businesses for sale.  It does not matter if you look at businesses in other countries, what you are looking for is to find something of interest.  Once you find an idea, see if there is a business available in your country.


It takes work to find a business.  You will end up talking to many people, looking at many businesses before deciding on which business is best for you.  You need to be proactive, look for businesses for sale and also register as an investor on so that people who are thinking about selling their business knows that there are interested buyers out there looking for their business.

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