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What is the best franchise?

January 2nd, 2009

If you want to purchase a franchise, you need to look at several items, your budget to purchase a franchise, which ones make the most money, which ones interest you the most.  If you do not like coming to work each day, you picked a business which will not motivate you.  If you are not motivated, you will not do a good job and you will operate the business below its potential.  The owner’s business styles is identified by the staff.  If the owner does not care, the staff will not care either.


In my opinion, the best franchise is the one which suits the investor the most.  Are you interested in the business, if no, this is definitely not the right choice.  If you like the business and it is within your budget, then the only decision you will have is do you buy a new franchise or one which has been operating for a while and is for sale.

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