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Work from home

April 14th, 2009

Many people are looking for a job or a business which can they do from home.  Working from home offers you many opportunities and flexibility however are you disciplined?  Many people tend not to work well from home, they hear the kids, the TV is close by, it is sunny and they want to work on their tan.  Even though you have a home office, if you decide to pick up things on the way to the office, then clean the house, you may never make it to the office until noon, then it is lunch time.  Many people will make an 8 hour day stretch to 12 hour or more.  They get to their office, they go on the Internet, they surf the Internet to find things which are not relevant to working. 


When you are in an office environment, you know that people may look over your shoulder so you do not go on facebook, you stick to doing your work and try to get it done as soon as possible.  Since everyone is working, you are more disciplined and can get things done quickly.


Do home based businesses work – yes they do but only for disciplined people.  It gives you the flexibility that you want and allows you to make an income.

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